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Interior LED Kit - Ford F-150/Raptor

$ 32.99

We put together an Interior LED Kit just for the Ford guys with the best LEDs available from The Retrofit Source. Just select your cab size and whether or not you have a sunroof and you're ready to go!

Oh yeah...and $5 shipping!

What's Included:

SuperCab - 2 front map lights and 1 rear overhead light

SuperCrew with Sunroof - 2 front map lights and 1 rear overhead light

SuperCrew without Sunroof - 2 front map lights, 2 rear map lights, and 1 rear overhead light


Expanding: On the success of other automotive lighting products from Morimoto: we're proud to finally introduce the line of XB LED Interior and Marker Bulbs. Despite the rapid pace of changing trends and the fact that they took two years to release, these bulbs are still as modern as it gets.

What's new with version two? Gone is the less-reliable COB panel. Enter the new Hybrid LEDs made famous by the XSB 2.0 halos and strips. Super reliable. Excellent color consistency thanks to the very same white phosphor coating that graced the first generation!

Modern Touch: The XB LED bulbs produce plenty of pure white light to improve illumination while adding a modern touch to your vehicle's lighting. They illuminate perfectly evenly, not spotty like the surface mounted chips found on other bulbs. Just don't stare if you care to see anything after that!

Construction: The bulb is constructed with a white fiberglass PCB sandwiched between two very unique white-faced Hybrid LED panels. The positive/ground contacts are perforated and dipped in gold copper to improve contact across both sides of the base.

Can-bus: The XB LED bulbs are can-bus friendly and should not hyper flash or cause any "lamp out" errors in MOST applications. If however your vehicle requires more resistance, we recommend using the Morimoto Load Resistors.

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