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Baja Designs Auxiliary Lights

The beauty of the Baja Designs LED auxiliary lights is their versatility. BD lights are designed to fit all types of vehicles. Mount auxiliary LED lights on any Jeep model, all brands of pickup trucks, ATVs, UTVs, motorcycles, and more. These small, yet powerful lights can be mounted on bumpers, other light bars, and roll cages. They can even be mounted on industrial vehicles and equipment such as tractors, skid-steer loaders, front loaders, steamrollers, and cranes. Universal LED auxiliary lights are useful in far more than recreational settings. Use them to illuminate your workplace during those late night hours!

Baja Designs Light Bars

Baja Designs LED light bars, LED lights, and HID lights have been at the forefront of off-road lighting for over 20 years. These Baja Designs light bars offer the highest quality CREE LEDs currently available, combined with the finest optics, and heavy-duty durability. Baja Designs' engineering, racing, driving and riding experience translate into the brightest and most efficient lights available in a wide range of applications including truck, motorcycle, sand rail, buggy, Jeep, ATV, and UTV.